You Are Wrong About SmartPhone Specs!

Why a same processor giving different results in 3 different phones? Let’s find out.

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25 Commentaires
  1. learning so many things after watching ur video pratikkk keep it up ❤️

  2. There's lot of unnecessary stuff going on around chips and benchmark. For me even a snapdragon 870 can do everything fine. People go for a phone for a 5% performance boost which s not noticeable in real life

  3. watching video on redmagic 3. teary eyes: proud

  4. this one is great info bro ….

  5. Please do a review on oppo enco air 2 pro

  6. Hey dude explain about why apple using 2 primary cores in bionic and why the hell Qualcomm or mediatek are not even tried to do like so except tensor.
    Want a video about it please

  7. Hey Prathik, need a video on 'growing beard' tips and tricks!

  8. One plus has gone down the drain. They have underclocked the 8 gen 1 and it still heats like an iron box🤣

  9. One of the main reason for 8gen 1 heating is it's not manufactured by tsmc. TSMC was manufacturing Qualcomm chips.. but 8gen1 was done by samsung not tsmc. And samsung chips aren't that great with heat management!!

  10. Snapdragon should make pc parts now cause you need a cpu cabinet and liquid cooling to run their chips properly
    Apple made a 6X6 cpu which beats everything without even increasing the fan speed

  11. One plus nord 2 ce lite review

  12. i just want a phone around 35000 which does not heat with day to day task, gaming is not my priority plz help me

  13. i heard you say probaaaaaabbly 😆

  14. someone needs to measure temparature right
    howcome temparature decreased in somecases after gaming lol

  15. I absolutely love your videos! 💖

  16. Hi Pratik, could you please do a video on "poled vs amoled displays, pros and cons" ??? Please consider my question 😊😉 #TeamTechWiser

  17. The fact that you're spelling "probably " "probaaably" is 🤣🤣

  18. This video was v creative and informative
    Love this channel

  19. Is it bad that i am here for ur phew phew sounds , they r just the thing u do wanna listen on a morbid day like today's sunday

  20. One comparison between this year's 888 phones vs last year 888/888+ .. How much of a difference does it make ?

  21. C21H44 is anything but metal….its an alkane that is solid at room temperature

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