Xiaomi 12 Pro Unboxing – A Next Gen Smartphone? + Flappy Bird, Minecraft, PUBG New State

Unboxing new Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro China Edition flagship Snapdragon 8 gen 1 phones. Possible to install Google services. Gameplay of Minecraft, Genshin Impact, Fortnite error, Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG New State and Flappy Bird. Please note: this is not a review but rather unboxing and impressions. Global version likely won’t have the same issues I experienced.

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Prices I paid:

Xiaomi 12
€660 / $749 / ₹56000

Xiaomi 12 Pro
€880 / $999 / ₹75000

00:00 Intro
00:21 China package
01:18 Xiaomi 12
02:55 Xiaomi 12 Pro
04:03 Size comparison
04:32 Case
04:41 Power [ON]
05:17 Camera
06:13 Flappy Bird
06:29 Roblox
06:46 Minecraft
07:48 Fortnite
08:03 Genshin Impact
09:00 PUBG New State
09:56 Call of Duty Mobile
11:57 Outro

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47 Commentaires
  1. You ever reviewed a Packard Bell gaming tablet, the other reviewers don't do it , and I wanna know if its worth buying

  2. Meanwhile Me:Watching This Video While it Is Lagging Even In Youtube

  3. for xiaomi device please enable "power monitor mode" in developer options to display fps in realtime

  4. where you keep these things????

    and do you remember this title

    call of the dead round world record V-R11 STRATEGY

  5. Before turning on Minecraft you put the phone in a white gaming case. Can you write what is this device model?

  6. Bro give me this phone…,.,

  7. @therelaxingend lol fortnite isn't banned on this phone, MIUI simply blocked the connection for that app, in fact when you launched Fortnite a message appeared saying the Security App blocked the connection for Fortnite

  8. I think that is updates …for that the cam is doing like this… I have seen the Indian one…it's really good…and please add one more game while reviewing.. "Farlight 84"

  9. Can you give link for smartphone pad what you use ?

  10. Zombies got released in codm in season 6 (7mo) ago

  11. For Xiaomi 12 review, there's a lot of throttling problems with CPU and the video recording is lagging something.
    The good things are sleek design, good for browsing and blazing faster camera speed. For pro, 120W charging is a good option.

  12. Why does it lag a lot 🤔

  13. Adakah yang di kasihkan untuk hadiah sangat beruntung sekali kalo ada dan aku dapat hadiah itu

  14. What is that gamepad's name and price (€) I want to buy it?

  15. Can you unboxing the laptop name
    Asus tuf dash f15 it a best of many gaming laptop

  16. PLEASE make a Samsung galaxy a01 unboxing😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  17. I have never seen a guy saying so smooth experience in flappy bird

  18. he use GameSir X2 Lightning gamepad

  19. Sir please give me a gaming laptop

  20. Amigo si ves el comentario me puedes regalar una nintendo si entiendes español. Vivo en México

  21. I have a old nokia phone ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  22. I have a question, are you a professional player of Call of Duty Mobile or do you just use it to test phones?


  24. Who remember

    “Not bad I’ve seen better”

  25. Ohh them, I Want One of those, it soo Bad that My country doesn't have this tipe of Phones

  26. Lagging cause its streaming it straight to the CCP

  27. Snapdragon 2022 are trash

  28. Will you do Samsung galaxy s21 fe soon?

  29. Hola si quieren me pueden manar consolas no tengo vivo en Juehuetensngo

  30. I never liked Xiaomi phones. They tend to slow down a lot

  31. I love how he mentioned flappy bird in the title

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