The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2021!

16 smartphones. You chose a winner. This is what you picked!
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49 Commentaires
  1. The Realme was a surpriser. I have the phone and for 270€ it is amazing

  2. for next years competition, for the 1st round take a photo of sunset or sunrise – in my opinion, that is one os the most dificult "topic" for smartphones and most of the times, it just fails.. would be interesting to see how its end up on 16 different phones.

  3. Pixel on pixel on the first round! Wtf rigged

  4. It shows how biased people are against oneplus cameras if they know it is oneplus camera. It is kinda idiotic. I know 9 Pro got a top notch camera in most scenarios. But if you are that "point and shoot, dont think" type of a guy it might not be your phone.

  5. Double Elimination for next year's competition would feel fairer. Congrats to the winner, it's a shame it's not available in the UK.

  6. Love the channel but a terrible comparison. Decisions are already made with the initial pairings, and only one shot for the results. The opposite of the kind of detail you usually go into. Hate complaining, but this one is so not you and is really basic in terms of the angle used to compare. Super lightweight and not worthy of you guys!

  7. Maybe have a people's choice and a photographers choice. It would be nice to see the opinion of some pros on phone cameras.

  8. I can't believe my pixel 6 won to its younger brother 💀

  9. I really found this interesting. I have the Asus ROG 5 and coming from a Samsung note 9 and the camera on the Asus is great but software is crap and the Samsung on paper has the lesser Camera but the software and app is better to use and gives me better results.. with that said the Asus was worth every penny and i really enjoy the phone hope you do this next year

  10. Conveniently skipped the Vivo series of phones like the X70 and X70 pro plus which also had great cameras. This has been a trend that I noticed last year (2021). The same thing happened with the X60 series as well. Let's see what happens this year.

  11. next year lets get a graph or visual of how much each phone won by

  12. Does the relatively low MP of the Pixel 5 compared to the others mean that when printing the pictures (a bit bigger than you would see on screen) mean it would be inferior here? Or would it be expected to be as good?

  13. Always really interesting videos ! Thanks for this experiment.

  14. On the podcast you should do the blind pic test but to you guys. So you could consider your professional look, sharpness, etc

  15. I wish you would do other Samsung phones because the Ultra camera is different than the regular S21 camera.

  16. Would love to see the photo comparison on a website. Bit hard to pause and compare on youtube without full labels, esp since it darkens the image.

  17. This is what I always thought when do a comparison especially in camera test, do it blindly then only your eyes can tell which is better rather than you believe its better because you love that brands..

  18. This way you're just cancelling off a potential camera phone by not giving it a linear fight to prove. I'm definitely confident if you give every phone all the fighting chance and provide a scoring based solution then the winner would be among Iphone 13 pro, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Pixel 6 Pro.

  19. How about a best of 3 next time, so they wont be instantly eliminated by rng votes

  20. I love these videos, I do wish you did one in low light

  21. In a nutshell after 4 years, every company sells the "best" cameras but most people doesn't even know how to take a picture or their knowledge about photography is absolutely 0.

  22. It would be interesting to do it in a round robin style next year, so that every phone faces every other phone and the ones that score better get to further rounds. It would quite longer than the actual format, but I think that it can be managed across a couple of days

  23. You know how to keep it interesting Marques. Kudos 👌🏽

  24. To get even more accurate results in the test, photograph articles of clothing as if preparing them to be listed online. Has been difficult to find the "perfect" camera for that so far.

  25. we learn a new thing here
    I phone suck 🤣
    love mi 11 ultra😍

  26. Hello
    Could you recommend me a quality camera phone for my mother? She loves making videos and clicking pics?

  27. Where’s the best camera phone? Vivo X70 Pro

  28. Gotta do a round robin style tournament for these photos

  29. hey, lets make a "video version" of those battle

  30. Watching from my nokia 5110

  31. You missed the bwst android camera vivo x70 pdo plus

  32. Excellent idea and work, congrats!

  33. You should keep doing the blind picture test but do 4-5 stages to each covering bright, low light, depth, zoom and then do the finally have them edited with the easy to use software on the phone

  34. For me and the whole world IPhone 13 pro max and Samsung galxyS21 ultra are clear winners except you

  35. Perhaps majority voters are cheaper phone users😀😀

  36. GREAT JOB! Please do it next year. I also liked the “league” format suggested by one commentator.

  37. this test is CRAP…. because to properly evaluate a camera you have to exclude the variable of the screen on which the photos are viewed… most android phones can switch between vivid and normal mode, and that greatly changes the colors, or more simply, maybe i view the instagram story at night with night shift on and that also changes the perceived colors… so basically this is just to show that the iphone isn’t the best camera….

  38. wheres vivo x70 pro plus ? =((((

  39. "Timestamp guy, I summon thee!" …

  40. I must be broken I'm not drawn to the brighter photo 📸

  41. What we learned from this comparison? They’re all good cameras, no one will see the minute difference.

  42. I know he's a tech shill when he says "the Sony Xperia pro I SOMEHOW SURPRISINGLY defeated the Oppo" like come on. Xperia is basically a camera with some phone functions

  43. But which one of these works best for video?

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