Top 10 Country in the World to Study Abroad

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New Zealand is number 13 in the Human Development Report and number 10 on education rankings such as the World Economic Forum. One thing has a lot to do with the other.

With quality government-funded basic education, New Zealand is able to prepare their students for academic and professional success. Providing financial support to students so they can earn a degree is a common practice, and the country is not worried to receive the money back – only those who are fully employed after college have to pay it back.

#10 -Spain

If you can imagine enjoying daily siestas, sipping sangria, and exploring never-ending tapas bars, España might be the place for you. There are plenty of unique markets and museums to keep you occupied in the capital, Madrid. Or, you can explore architectural masterpieces like La Sagrada Familia and elements of Catalan culture in vibrant Barcelona. Catch a train to discover Basque culture in the north, with surfing in San Sebastián and hikers following the legendary Camino de Santiago. In the south, Andalucia reflects a history of Flamenco music and Moorish influence. Granada, Sevilla, Málaga, and Cádiz are sure to impress. And that’s not even to mention the friendly people and buzzing social scene throughout the country! With universities founded as far back as 1218 along with a multifaceted culture, studying abroad in Spain is truly a unique experience. ¡Olé!

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