Tesla Smartphone Will Overtake Apple iPhone

Tesla Smartphone Will Overtake Apple iPhone

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Today we will talk about some speculations roaming around that… Tesla Smartphone is finally gonna overtake Apple iPhone!

Well, … Elon Musk tends to gravitate between brilliant and crazy, making him a lot of fun to watch if you aren’t an investor… That is; Investors have way too many moments where they may regret their stakes in Musk’s companies, given he makes the related securities and several cryptocurrencies far more volatile than they otherwise would be.

However, one recent rumor that Musk has been emphasizing is the creation of a Tesla phone with a unique feature set… The phone makes a lot of sense given where Tesla is going, particularly as a hedge against Apple’s rumored electric car!

Let’s first have a look at Tesla’s Apple Problem.

Tesla and Apple have a similar approach to their respective markets, and both enjoy similar advantages… Apple was built by a charismatic leader Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk has done a better job of mirroring Jobs’ unique approach to management and product creation than Tim Cook.
Both companies have impressive brand loyalty with their customers, exact market valuations, and several large companies gunning for them.

Tesla doesn’t do much marketing and has a history of poor quality control. While Apple has reduced its marketing substantially, it still essentially leads its market in this regard, and Apple tends to set the bar in terms of product quality.

However, there is a very high correlation between iPhone users and Tesla buyers. So, if Apple brings out a car that is highly integrated into the Apple ecosystem, it can take a substantial share from Tesla… Of all the coming challengers to Tesla, Apple represents the greatest threat due to extreme customer loyalty, visibility, and a sizable marketing budget. Apple’s reserves make it a frightening future competitor to Tesla!

Finally, smartphones are becoming keys to the new Tesla cars, and they are already integrated somewhat with Tesla’s in-car audiovisual technology. Apple would have a leg up with that integration and could break the interoperability with Tesla while driving Apple users from Tesla cars. This last is probably pushing Musk to consider using his phone!!!
Coming to… The Tesla Phone…

The rumored phone is expected to have Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon 8 Series solution, colors that match Tesla car colors, operate better as a car key for Tesla autos than any other phone, and (this is the iffy part) connect to Starlink!!! This last is iffy because, typically, getting a smartphone to connect to a satellite requires a large antenna and a far more powerful radio. However, if they could get it to work, it would provide a vast, unique advantage to Tesla phone users who could get relatively high-bandwidth connections years before 5G is available to them.

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  1. You’d imagine he’ll innovate the smartphone and expand its user ability in a much more simpler yet still familiar foe we’re all use to using. Then again, apple haven’t innovated their devices since the conclusion of the Jobs era so we’ll see.

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