Sony Xperia 1 iii 12GB RAM Smartphone | Unboxing

Peter went rogue on this video showcasing his personal phone for all you ladies and Gents.
However the Sony Reader Store still exists and is alive and well with Manga, e-Books, and much more, which we will be showing off in the full review

Stay tuned and thank you all !

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  1. Hi Peter. Is the Xperia 1iv available on sale in Japan now? As far as I know, Sony's latest phone is Xperia Pro-I and the Xperia 1iv is yet to announce.

  2. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the Xperia X Compact US version, but I can’t find any brand new. I really want one.

  3. I wasn't expecting you to do a video about this, but I find it cool that you did! I personally use a black Xperia 1ii and do enjoy it, especially considering how Sony's Android software is basically just stock Android with some Sony customisations here and there, and they even kept a number of the Google Pixel utilities! Sure, mine has a tiny dead pixel at the top of the screen, but a screen protector that the previous owner had installed had saved it from further damage, and I use dark themes in apps anyway.
    (Edit: I forgot to mention the earphone jack, which is especially handy for when the batteries in my Galaxy Buds run out and/or it refuses to connect, and it's also great for listening to music on international flights where I have to turn on flight mode and not use Bluetooth devices, oh, and the fact that the screen doesn't have an annoying hole nor notch in it, as I can't tolerate those)
    (2:03) My Xperia 1ii purchased in Singapore did come with a European power adaptor and USB cable. I don't use it at home as I have an Anker multi-port charger, but I do use it when I travel.

  4. outstanding ~see you ater. 🙂

  5. Wasn't expecting a smartphone video like that. But, yeah, this growing trend of phones not coming with a charger (and/or a cord) that's was spearheaded by apple honestly sucks. I mean, sure, I have wall chargers and cords, but it's always nice to have the accessories that are made to work with the phone… in the box.

  6. I love Sony's design. I wish they didn't charge quite as much haha.

  7. quit saying "mark" 2, 3. its not on the branding. JK🃏funny what is the OS, what is the processor SOC? will Good e Reader carry this.

  8. We all know the real reason they made a video about this:

    To put the phone on business expenses.

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