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Motorola Moto G52 Unboxing & Overview this is a mid-range android smartphone. It has a 6.6″ POLED Screen with 90hz refresh rate comes with Dolby Atmos stereo speakers is powered by the Snapdragon 680 SOC comes with 4/6 GB RAM and 64/128 GB internal storage has a 50MP triple rear camera and 16MP front facing camera and comes with 5000 mAh battery and 33W fast charger. Find out if this is a practical 4G mid-range smartphone or not.


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  1. is that have magnetometer sensor in this mobile ? means while opening google map I can able to see my movement or direction in tail or shadow on current location dot ? Please let me know

  2. I am waiting for the last 3-4 years..I want a midrange COMPACT SIZED stock android phone with amoled screen with rear cameras at the center..

  3. what type of protective casing available for this on camera? is it scratch resistant Glass or simple plastic? as motorola sed to give a plastic protecting case on cameras for G series, is it the same case with this model as well? plastic casing used to major issues earlier as plastic used to get scratched out quickly and used to result in blurry un even rear camera pictures

  4. Good specs with health Hazards. Motorola continuously having high SAR values. Plz Ranjit sir you mention that company can look into this matter

  5. This is better than Samsung M53. 5g is only hyped even at this moment. One doesn’t need it for next 3-4 years

  6. kinda worried because it came with bloatware will this become a new trend for motorola as well?

  7. Here after M53 upload to see how this blows away that phone out of the park

  8. bro does it have gorilla glass protection?

  9. It's been more than 3 years since i saw a midrange mobile phone under 15k. Nowadays midrange smartphones are priced at 20k-25k.

  10. Sir does moto g52 display requires a extra screen protector?? Please reply

  11. What should I buy between moto g52 and galaxy a13 guys?
    My main concern is that the phone should last for a long time. I plan on using it for at least 3-4 years.

  12. I'm buying this. When and where can i do that ?

  13. Will you recommend 4g phone now to buy
    Where there is 5g about to launch in end off 2022 or 2023

  14. Any heating issues? Please cover it in review

  15. Does it have Gorilla Glass or any Other Display Protection? Or is there any pre applied Screen protector?

  16. None of the Motorola smartphone is good. Too much hanging issues are there. if someone purchase Moto smartphone, than the person will have to visit motorola service center, untill buy a new smartphone. In a short, motorola is a wonderful 3hrd class smartphone brand. Compare to another brand with this 3hrd class motorola brand, Lava smartphone is much better than the motorola. Than Samsung , OnePlus, OPPO, Mi these are very good smafrtphone. But Dont purchase Motorola. And the Motorola customer care helpline authorities, they don't know anything. They just know one sentence only, visit to the service center.

  17. Compare it with F23 please

  18. Motorola should go the OG Oneplus route, tweak the stock Android a little and make it better such as adding a native network meter, only launch few amount of models per year and give at least 3 years update. Then probably they can stay relevant and I personally think they can climb towards the top even.

    Ps : I don't mind bloatwares as long as they are uninstallable.

  19. How is the call quality and network reception

  20. Wanted to give a smartphone to my grandmother and this one G52 is a blast for 13,500/-
    33watt fast charging and stereo speakers 🥳🥳🥳
    No more cheap China phones needed 🙌

  21. P is stands for plastic in pOLED display which uses plastic subtracts instead of glass, cheaper to produce than glass oled displays.
    pOLEDs are flexible and can be made very thin, with less bezels and light weight and more durable than glass but easy to scratch.

  22. Been an MI user for the past 5 years…had terrible UI and quality experience. Looking to buy two of these for family. Please release a full review soon!!!

  23. Keep Motorola free from bloatware! forever!

  24. Still watching this on my Honor 6x….. Waiting for a worthy phone under 15000

  25. From 1:32 , lessuu….justuu….gramsuu

  26. Is display better than samsung m32 4g?

  27. I don't mind uninstalling 50 bloatware apps if they can be removed.

  28. Motorola did a great job this time 🔥

  29. Anybody bought this phone?

  30. Please let us know audio quality via 3.5 jack? Is there any good DAC or hi res audio features?

  31. Only con for me
    Shortcut tiles in notification tray 😹

  32. most detailed review keep it up sir

  33. Why no review for moto g52 ? Today 3may2022 is actually sale ..We are waiting for your unbiased review

  34. I want to buy it but i have not sufficient amount for buying moto g52😂😂😂😂

  35. Is it practical to buy a 4g mobile now. Cause 5g will be there in 1 or 2 years. And this new phone will work at least 3-4 years?

  36. Moto G52 or Redmi Note 10 pro..? In Amazon sale offer, Redmi Note 10 pro available for 1.5K lesser than Moto G52..

  37. Ranjit I am following you from last 2 years. Thanks for amazing reviews. My requirement is good camera phone and clean UI , which one do you suggest me G71, g52 or Edge 20 fusion ?

    Budget 15-25k , any other recommendation apart from those 3. I am irritated with slow charging of my Samsung M31.
    Criteria: camera, clean UI, fast charging

  38. Can you please check if this phone is working with work Android Auto?

    I have a xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne.. And it doesn't work properly with Android Auto in my Tata Nexon..

    I want to make sure that Moto g52 works well with Android Auto before i purchase it..

  39. Any lag in this smartphone

  40. Those 2 apps seems okay for now but it scares me.. The USP of moto is zero bug and bloatwares.

  41. Moto G 52 bild quality kesi hai..?

  42. @geekyranjit I like the way your videos are. You are maintaining the old and gold video format of authentic reviews and not following the style of other YouTubers where videos contain less mobile reviews and more joking and ridiculing staff

  43. Hi Sir, any idea how many software updates moto is promising for its midrange phones

  44. Ordered! Will be receiving in a couple days. Thanks @geekyranjit

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