INDIA, JAPAN Researchers Work On Smartphone Based Road Map For Cracks, Potholes

INDIA, JAPAN Researchers Work On Smartphone Based Road Map For Cracks, Potholes
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  2. Allah se bolo direct dollar bheje Pakistan ko

  3. Picture utara nahi jata hai 😀😀🤣🤣🤣khicha jata hai 😂😂😂

  4. Tumara Allah sab kuch kar sakta he to Allah ko bolo dollar bheje

  5. Tumara Allah dollar ki barsat karwayega Pakistan me . Wait karo . Only collect karna dollar ko

  6. Napakistani awam is mostly ignorant. Nimra doing excellent job.

  7. Poornima Padmanabhan, an IndianAmerican professor at the #RochesterInstituteOfTechnology, has won a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development award.. proud of her ❤ 👏

  8. Pak pm is nashedi,Awam is taking education from madarasa.which is not good.radical Islam and over confidence take Pak to an end soon.jai Hind 🇮🇳

  9. Intelligent anchoring… keep it up.

  10. Concentrate on madrassa is more Benificial they are stucked in extremism unfortunately

  11. Catalyst records Worst channel of Pakistan

  12. Pak m kya yhi ek mrkt h kya jo ynha Aa k bol bachchan krte ho khud k prblm ko apne aawam ko btao ye kami h to usse kaise door kre na ki koi dusre k cantry ka youtube se kitna kma leti ho India wale jyda follow krte h

  13. Pakistan's government know only to do terror attacks its true. 👌🏻

  14. Some people of Pakistan are still didn't open their eyes. That's why they can't see properly 👍

  15. Di di India ghumne aa jao kabhi …itti taaref karte ho hamari 😂😂

  16. India m alg image hai Mumbai Bangalore IT hub Gurgaon Haryana Delhi ISRO chandrayan metro 🚇 Australia ko bhej rhe hai airport under metro delhi mumbai corridor pura nasa india chla rhe hai Microsoft CEO adoby CEO Twitter CEO IMF had Google CEO Addidas ambassador Indain ye hai India ka alg image jo pakistan ko dikhta nhi hai

  17. Tum Culture hi pakad ke baithe raho uncle ji

  18. Hame to videos me Pakistan ki bike dekh pata chal jata hai aap kitna culture ko pakad ke chal rahe ho aaj ke jamane bhi 30 saal pahle wale models aaj Pakistan chal rahe hai

  19. there is a similar setup of taking photos and bringing them to the attention of authorities in Bombay. BMC (Bombay's Municipality) has a Twitter account where people post pictures of monsoon road damage, clean-ups, etc and BMC is pretty active in following up. BMC has also been very active on Twitter for COVID – posting messages on where vaccination is availables, hospital beds, ventilators, etc. They do a remarkable job.

  20. Oh👁👁💦LAH💥RE🌺⚰️🌻⚰️🥀⚰️

  21. pakistan only aatnkwadi me tarkki kar raha h😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Sabhi Pakistani kehte hain hume bhi karna chahiye. Arre bete tum log kar nahi paoge

  23. Why does the vast majority of general public find it difficult to digest the development of India? You need broad mindedness

  24. Recent news that India target to achieve 1 trillion dollar(1000 billion dollar) IT industry by 2030.

  25. Paxtan batter then India.. 🤣🤣🤣

  26. 13:09 guest ,who said that Indian citizens are poor… and we don't know from where you people getting these informations, according to world poverty index 2021 in Pakistan the poverty rate is 39.2% that is out of 100 people 40 people are fighting for their bread and here in india its just 6% we will take care of ours hope we will overcome this situation soon

  27. How can madrassa chap do this????

  28. You should be ashamed to think so badly about India. Pakistanis know that it is true that the whole world respects India and we don't need Pakistanis.

  29. WHEN you come to they are copying (PARSHANT DHAWN) ,…WORLD AFFAIRS

  30. Saab Allah ki marzi hai…..

    My greetings to India's heartiest friend Imran Khan urf (Sanghi bhai jaan)

  31. Mote ki jall rahi hain 😂😆

  32. Aaj tak samaj nahi aaya. Pakistan ka culture aakhir me hai Kya. 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  33. Poverty rate is 6 % and Pakistani poverty rate 39%

  34. Keep shouting always kashmir, Palestine,yemen Israel,syria . In sab me kya rakha hai pahele bahar ke logon ka dyan rakhi jaise abhi pm ne phir kashmir ka naam liya aur bina padhe UN resolution 47 ki baat ki

  35. Good happy and healthy..frm ind

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