How To Shoot Cinematic NATURE BROLL | Smartphone Filmmaking Tips For Beginners

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In this video, learn how to shoot Cinematic Nature B-roll using a smartphone. These tips and tricks will help make your footage look more professionals and your videos stand out!

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41 Commentaires
  1. hahaha i love your interaction with the horse 😀

  2. Excellent tutorial..thanks.. can you please share how to add cinematic colours to recorded vid ..on mobile & win both..thanks

  3. I would love to see a similar concept in a city. I live in a city and don't really have access to forests like this video. I love this idea of when you're doing and would love to see a city version; a metroplis, not a historic city. (another videographer does older cities). I want someplace somewhat like where I live (in the US). But this is a fantastic video for ideas while on my next vacation!

  4. Impressive video as usual 👏 👌 👍

  5. Why do we need to use mobile slow motion feature when we have it in our editor ? please explain a bit . thank you !!!

  6. Thanks for the lesson in this morning! very useful.

  7. Bhaiya, pls teach us how to record singing video in a single room… 🎸

  8. Great video, your model aka the lady horse made this even better 😀. 1 question, my Android phone, s9 note (which still takes great video & pics), has a pro setting, what would you recommend for the aperture, iso & kelvin (sp?)…until I can upgrade my dslr, I shoot a lot with phone. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us!

  9. Thanks. It's a nice technique. I follow your technique. Love for you.

  10. Excellent work! Thank you for your help!

  11. superb vid, thanks a lot!

  12. Спасибо, друг! Очередное классное видео!

  13. Thanks so much for this! My son (who is going to study film making in the fall) and I are going on an epic national park road trip this summer and this makes me all the more excited. Very inspiring

  14. I like a photograph can you help me I want photo and movie maker

  15. Always the best 👍😊👌

  16. i really love watching your video which i could do that also ,, so happen gimbals are so expensive 🙁

  17. Love from india Hyderabad ❤️

  18. Steve,
    Great video. That moment with the Pony.. Wow..😅😅

    Thank you

  19. You are really the best mentor.

  20. Thanks for sharing your free tutorial. It's very interesting,

  21. Such great and informative content. Simple, to the point, clean and inviting every time. Keep it up and beautiful content my friend.

  22. Awesome thank you. Your experience shows just how good you are…

  23. Love it. Subbed. Thank You

  24. You’ve taught me so much, Steve. Can’t wait to visit the South West of England this summer. Thanks a lot for all the lessons!

  25. Just some advice for you,maybe next time if you want to make tutori like this,you should use a budget phone with standart camera resolution,cause yaa you know rigth,iphone camera is incredible good

  26. can anybody suggest best camera phone

  27. wow, this tips is super! like it very much. Can i ask, did you use automatic video mode in that smartphone or you set the ISO, WB etc first..?

  28. 1tip have a iphone🤣🤣🤣

  29. That's amazing. Just went to Santorini and used some of your techniques, I got amazing videos to show my friends. They thought I'm a pro. What do you use to edit the videos?

  30. Thanks for sharing your video Sir

  31. is that a iphone 13 pro

  32. Great video as usual, thank you 🙏🏻

  33. Ur videos are always very informative and diverse,thank you steve🙂

  34. Very helpful! Now if only i can remember most of it when I am out there filming already. 😀 But thank you, really! 🙂

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