How Smartphone Companies Trick You !

Here are 4 solid marketing gimmicks by smartphone brands in 2022

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37 Commentaires
  1. 03:34 "Google Play Store cracks down on outdated apps."
    What about Snapseed? 🤔


  3. I have a better solution.
    Ask buyers before ordering whether they want it or not for reduced price.

  4. Wow i guess you are right , even I bought last month S20 FE 5G for 35k and it's value for money

  5. Pratik, pls review different wireless charging devices available for phones

  6. Prices could come down only if inflation is negative. Not low. High inflation = Price RISES quickly. Low inflation = Price still RISES, but slowly. Negative inflation = Prices FALL.

  7. For the ones who are curious to know what's the screen shot.. it's micromax lol

  8. people should switch to apple or samsung. many reasons behind this statement one is long term support.

  9. Please make a VIDEO on 2021 BUDGET PHONES which are CHEAPER now but still PREETY GOOD and VALUE FOR MONEY

  10. SD card support … Gimmicks… Just removing it for flagship phones 😭😭😭

  11. 3:13 Which is that brand?

    Edit:- Ah, nevermind, it's THAT brand whose name starts from "M" 😂😂😂

  12. Have a issue with my realme gt master edition , it heats too much even in playing yt videos 😮‍💨😮‍💨 too hot bruh

  13. No 2 point ..very Harsh true🤢

  14. I also bought the Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5g a month back. Works great and got it at a discounted price with 3 years/4years updates

  15. It's really sad!. Companies for the sake of doing business are simply doing shit things. No one will be happy. And both parties will end up doing compromises.

  16. Companies shud atleast provide low watt charger in the box…

  17. updating samsung phones itself a problem.

  18. Some key points I'll keep in mind when purchasing my next phone.

    1. I will NOT buy a phone without a charger in the box. (Fast charger is a must)

    2. I'll buy the smallest, slimmest & lightest phone with the best specs available, Seriously now enough with those giant phones. Ref. Asus 8Z.

    3. The phone should have the best camera possible in that price. If google can do it with lesser hardware & good software its time for other brands to work on their software too.

    If there's any brand that meets these criteria's would rule the smartphone market for a long time.

  19. 3:13 the ones who are good at pause

  20. I bought A52s 5G (8GB ram) yesterday at 30,490 on Flipkart , I think that is most value for money smartphone in samsung phones as of right now under 35000.

  21. Budget-user, my Poco F1 has really served me well but I have to buy a new phone 2022 has been so disappointing. I'm in such a dilemma.
    Anyone reading this, what's a more balanced phone between Samsung M33 and Redmi note 11 pro? Your insights will be appreciated

  22. 1:45 Realme & Samsung chargers can fast charge other phones provided they're close to the advertised wattage.

  23. Why only budget and mid range phones shud have a charger
    The people buy a premium and flagship phone paymore and don't get charger

    U pay less and get charger
    What is this logic

  24. worst gimmick by companies by removing 3.5mm jack and chargers, Apple is culprit in both

  25. dude is this only my observation or you r exactly like mrwhosetheboss.

  26. Any hindi 😂😂

  27. Bought S20FE5G 2 weeks ago. Got any questions? Shoot!

  28. hindi version of mrwhosetheboss or tryna hard to be mrwhosetheboss … dude be original

  29. About the charger not included:
    I personally don't buy any phone who does not have a charger in the box. Boycott this thing

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