Honor's FOLDABLE Smartphone! : Honor Magic V Hands On!

So the year 2022 seems to be pretty exciting because not only Honor is back again, but they actually now have a FOLDABLE smartphone!

But is it better than something like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?

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00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Build Quality
02:31 – Display
04:29 – Cameras
05:16 – Specs (incl. battery & softwares)

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20 Commentaires
  1. So could this be that Honor is coming back strong? Lemme know what you think guys! 🙂

  2. Samsung better not rehash the same general design since the fold 2 with the narrow aspect ratio, gap and prominent crease

  3. Holly crap! Looks bloody good! Nice review bro.

  4. Z fold 3 with water resistant, Samsung Dex, and s pen features, sharing wireless charging, hidden camera under the screen, Both screens have 120hz Psh. Samsung is dominating

  5. Thanks Adam, You are Very clear and with more details than other videos on Ytube.
    Anyway, I like this smartphone and I think it is better than the fold 3 that I never liked. . So thumb Up .
    Sorry if my English sound bad, but English is not my primary language. I do all my best! Bye! See you in the next video. 😉

  6. Not That Crazy About Foldable Phones…I Think Is Going To Be A Short Lived Trend…

  7. Just the same external screen and 5000 mah on the Samsung Fold 4 and it's perfect 👌🏽.

  8. Bring back qwerty keyboard 2022

  9. Beautiful phone looks better than the z fold

  10. Bigger does not mean better. The Samsung z fold 3 is a beautiful phone which fits comfortably in the pocket.

  11. Google PlayStore compatible ? Can be isideloaded the Google Playstore APK ?

  12. No Google? Honor is affected too?

  13. My brother have 3 questions to ask. Please let me know

    1. what about the display protection any gorilla victus or other gorilla protection?

    2.Ip ratings?

    3. Launch Price in china?

  14. Maybe a oppo fold n vs honor magic v?

  15. Adam is so sexy and charming, I can bearly hear what he's saying.

  16. I want this phone so bad. Honor, please bring it to europe!

  17. Thanks for the first really good video I've seen covering the Magic V.

    Btw. you could perfectly be the cousin or even brother of Joakim Broden , singer / frontman of the Band "Sabaton" 😀

  18. nice video! 👍 Can you compare it with Oppo Find N 😄

  19. I subscribed just because i saw 10 ringgit malaysia …and ya your content,vifeo quality and information also amazing.

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