Here's what you should know before buying a new smartphone in 2021

The Washington Post Help Desk’s Chris Velazco lived for weeks with iPhones, Pixels, and Samsung smartphones to see what works and what does not. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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21 Commentaires
  1. He works with the Washington Post now??!? Wow. Congrats on the job

  2. half the vid was on iphone. 😒

  3. So WP is gonna tell us which phone to buy.

  4. Went on Amazon to check out the Pixel 6 Pro….selling for $1,599…not $900

  5. Wow. We need help to even buy phones. Amazing technology.

  6. Can’t hear ya to loud the music

  7. So my friend gave me her old android, and ive got it to the very begining i connected it to a network and then it gives me 2 options 1.keep your apps and data or 2. set up as new. When i choose set up new it ask for the old google account that was previously on the device but she has no idea since shes gone tru many accounts since. Any advice on how i can get in?

  8. Background music is too loud.

  9. No hate I love Apple but don't buy one if your on a tight budget because apple is overpriced and a waste of money but if your rich then go ahead

  10. Should I buy iphone 13 or samsung note 20 ultra

  11. You don't fool nobody, fool. I can see right through you. Admit it: you are a youtube pro, bro.
    Annoying background music is a dead giveaway..

  12. Disappointed with the review, what about iPhone user wanna change to android, with I able to control homekit with android phone? Airplay etc?

  13. Always wanted a note, Samsung. What are the differences between the three note 10s, & the new 20? Please help.

  14. This guy makes it sound like you can't buy a phone for under $600… 😅

  15. The day they will invent a phone📱 I can use with my mind without touching it is when I will upgrade, otherwise I will stick to my 2014 old model phone…

  16. Great info precisely and clearly stated. Thank you

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