HANDHELD filming in FILMIC PRO | SETTINGS & MOVES | No smartphone gimbal

If you have no smartphone gimbal handy, you can still create an eye catching smooth cinematic video with the help of Filmic Pro. Let’s check out settings and some creative moves.

iPhone 13pro filming set up:
Moment iPhone 13 pro case – https://moment.8ocm68.net/2rMDjD
Multi-Camera Filter Mount – https://bit.ly/3c04djz
52mm 2-5 stop Moment VND Filter – https://moment.8ocm68.net/6bgyJV
52mm 6-9 stop Moment VND Filter – https://moment.8ocm68.net/Ry6Gka

FILMIC PRO 2022 in depth tutorial – https://youtu.be/BePzznJ23Kk
DJI OM5 & Filmic Pro – https://youtu.be/xzYtQHQqbVA
Zhiyun Smooth 5 & Filmic Pro – https://youtu.be/Z_HUDvW5HmU

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Comica VM20 (on Amazon) – https://geni.us/N9BY
Microphone Comica BoomX D-D2 on Amazon – https://geni.us/H1VFLrI
Sony A7Siii (on B&H) – https://geni.us/Ki33
Tamron 17-28mm lens – https://geni.us/PS9W
Razer Laptop (on Amazon) – https://geni.us/EmKr

Video Editing Templates at Storyblocks – https://videoblocks.go2cloud.org/SHIB

Tamron 28-75mm lens – https://geni.us/qHqAHE
Microphone Stand on Amazon – https://geni.us/NxMAt7
Vitopal R20 RGB light (on Amazon) – https://geni.us/AAIt
Main Light – https://geni.us/6jUzL
Main Softbox – https://geni.us/aPXNwkR
Falcon Eyes RBG light (on Amazon) – https://geni.us/xvPI
Canon M6 Mark II – https://geni.us/VkZBZc
Viltrox 23mm F/1.4 M lens – https://geni.us/oH5yAj
PGYTECH OneMo Backpack – https://geni.us/bNcuETu
Insta360 ONE X2 – https://geni.us/Apet5
Freewell Magnetic Filter Set – https://geni.us/EJjadP
DJI MAVIC MINI2 – https://geni.us/mWMGro
Moza Air 2S gimbal – https://geni.us/lvh4O
INSTA360 GO2 – https://geni.us/MQt1
Moza Slypod PRO – https://geni.us/NaTD
GVM-50SM Video Light Kit (on Amazon) – https://geni.us/7pJYz4

DJI OM5 – https://geni.us/5QYJp
Zhiyun Smooth 5 – https://geni.us/8IkT7C
Moment Anamorphic Lens – https://geni.us/C4UEo
52mm 2-5 stop Moment VND Filter – https://moment.8ocm68.net/6bgyJV
52mm 6-9 stop Moment VND Filter – https://moment.8ocm68.net/Ry6Gka
Monopod – https://geni.us/S15OCA
Moment iPhone 13 pro case – https://moment.8ocm68.net/2rMDjD
52mm CPL filter on Amazon – https://geni.us/5xxfgL
Moment Anamorphic Lens – https://geni.us/C4UEo
Moment 58mm Tele Lens – https://geni.us/rWmJn6
Phone Tripod Mount (on Amazon) – https://geni.us/q3aBdRR

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Are you using Filmic Pro or did you just started? Did you find this tutorial helpful? #filmicpro


37 Commentaires
  1. Thanks for your guide. Zdenka Darula.

  2. As always, such a good tutorial offering practical advise to improve our smartphone videos. A quick question: You shared that you shot at 60 fps to allow for slowing down the motion in post. What was your frame rate that you changed to in post to accomplish slowing down and smoothing out your movement? Thanks for all you do!

  3. I had brought a 82mm nd 1000, to film the sun with my tele 500mm lens😀

  4. Hello Zdenka,
    Can I please move away from this amazing tutorial and ask about the jacket you are wearing … 🤭🤭🤭 Is there a male version of it and, if so, where can I buy one? And now back to the video, I wonder how it would look like with you in it ..? 🤔🤔🤔
    Thank you again for your lovely work.

  5. Thank you so much for the detailed video dear 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍love from Dubai

  6. Very informative as always, but one criticism if I may and which is intended to be constructive so no offence intended. I viewed your video on my iPhone 13 Pro Max and found myself continuously adjusting the volume level during the periods that you were talking as the ratio of music volume compared to speech volume was too far weighted in favour of the music. A few decibels lower with the music would have made for more comfortable listening. But of course this is only my opinion and others may view it differently.

  7. Excellent Job¡¡ I like all your videos

  8. Hi Zdenka is it better to use Lens on the iphone while do filming? I just wondering if i better use. Nice tutorial of you. Thanks.

  9. You always inspire me to go film something! Unfortunately, laziness and cold weather keep holding me back! 🤣

  10. Seus vídeos são top parabéns

  11. 💐✌️💐👍💐👏💐

  12. Ahoy Zdenka! Always great videos from you! Thanks!

  13. Hey zdenka!! Hope the text finds you happy and healthy ..
    No wonder you are such an adorable cinematographer .. the entire content of yours is so friendly and easy to understand.. thanks for sharing them .. Along with the handheld moves I enjoyed the background score too .. Waiting impatiently for the next ep . Good wishes from miles away ..

  14. I'm planning on doing some outdoor spring recording to practice shooting video, and this really inspired me! Thank you! : )

  15. Are you always using 8 bit mode?

  16. Další parádní video pro začátečníky jako jsem já 🙂 Děkuji za jednoduché vysvětlení. Tvé videa, návody mne velmi baví a rád se učím 🙂

  17. Thanks for all of this valuable info. I love using some of your methods while out filming nature.

  18. PERFECT I just got my sandarac NTD filter but haven't used it yet. wonderful video I liked the way you filmed and showed what your recorded

  19. You get the most from every tool you use

  20. Waw …i live in Algeria
    ..north Africa … I'm fan

  21. a like before watching the video. I hope one day, you make a deep tutorial for editing this kind of videos with transitions and effects. Many thanks

  22. Really well done tutorial, Zdenka! I like how you explained the equipment , settings, and shot set up and immediately showed the results. The final video was lovely, although I found some of the sharp transitions harsh…wouldn't a fade have been better?

  23. Interesting as always. Luv how your vids are straight forward and aren't done in a "for dummies" manner. Best wishes.

  24. Hello. I am using Filmic Pro for about one year. I found good and different tips in your tutorial. Thank you.

  25. What a great explaination

  26. Why did you left Android? is there a video about that?

  27. Awesome work..!!

  28. Great tutorial and video, thank you very much! You make it look so easy and effortless …

  29. Brilliant tutorial. I am still learning the power of filmic pro. So your videos are welcoming.

  30. Felt good and relaxing 👌 👍

  31. You're the best Thank you for all your tricks!

  32. Hi beautiful madam How are you

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