Playtime is over. This is the Exynos 2200

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16 Commentaires
  1. Can't wait to see what games they bring!

  2. Kudos to Samsung for being loyal to Bixby LOL. I honestly don't understand why anyone who doesn't own the world's largest search engine even still tries. Unless your name is Bezos.

  3. Johannes-sama out here grinding!!! Super excited to see how mobile gaming evolves with this!!! Awesome video Johannes-sama!!! Get some sleep!!!😁

  4. They Are saying console like graphics that's nuts🤯🥸dope vid I like the transitions in the video it flows really nicely😃

  5. Hey Johannes been a while 👋🏾

  6. This looks really promising… Console-like graphics 🤯

    Nice video bro

  7. I hope it won't be all hype.

  8. I hope we get actual console games and not mobile freemium BS.

  9. this is either make it or break it and samsung's last chance to prove us that they can comepete with the likes of Apple and Sd , lets also not forget the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has 50% better graphics performance over SD888, there is tough competition from mediatek aswell

  10. I love your edits though. 🤣🤣 I enjoyed this video

  11. If you don't game, is there much difference?

  12. Great Video! Nice to see GreatTech innovation coming to us by two well established Tech IndustryLeaders with lots of years and experience in the Semiconductor manufacturing process. RayTracing on a Mobile device! That`s AweSome! Let`s be ready to be impressed!! Let the NewEra of Mobile Gaming commence! past Playtime is Over indeed..

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