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Square Enix has announced Estab Life, a new cross-media project from the mind of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion director Gorou Taniguchi. It will consist of the TV anime Estab Life: Great Escape, smartphone game Estab Life: Unity Memories, and movie Estab Life: Revengers Road.

Here are some more details:

Introduction to the World of Estab Life

Estab Life (Establishment Life) is set in the distant future. The world’s population has peaked and begun to shrink. Humanity has developed artificial intelligence that manages the ecosystem and carried out “Humanity Diversification Experiments” for the prosperity of its kind. Diverse races—such as humans, beastmen, and demons created by genetic manipulation—have created diverse cities known as “clusters,” protected by walls.

There are many clusters, each with their own culture and people. And to ensure they do not perish, they live under the constant supervision of artificial intelligence.

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