Easy Trick to Save Your Smartphone Battery 🔋

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24 Commentaires
  1. So How can I turn off them?

  2. Thanks bro this helpful settings notified us

  3. Wow very useful……………for noobs in 2022😂😅

  4. Watch iPhone users act arrogant

  5. Most used app: YouTube
    Most power consumed: YouTube
    Most data consumed: YouTube
    App that can't be deleted : YouTube.

  6. Very helpful settings because my phone 📱 battery also gets finish very soon

  7. it's not a mistake, its a masterpiece – Jellybean

  8. Or just uninstall the app you don't use which eats your battery like a monster

  9. I already knew this before yall uploaded the video

  10. The best way to save battery on a phone is NOT USE the phone…….😓😅

  11. This is not at all useful. Because everyone knows this trick. Even a 6 year old child knows..😤 so I am disliking this video..

  12. Are you Android or Apple? I'm Android

  13. Where do we get this list?

  14. My screen uses the battery most 🤣

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