China surpasses America to become leading smartphone chipset vendor!|Qualcomm|chip|Huawei|5G


Hello everyone|this is The Developing China. Welcome to our Channel. Today|we will discuss a topic with you.
Today|let’s focus on the issue of China company MediaTek surpasses American company Qualcomm to become leading smartphone chipset vendor. This time I am going to talk about an issue which concerns everyone: MediaTek once again tops the mobile phone chip market. In the mobile phone chip market this year|MediaTek’s performance is really very good. In general|when we talk about the chips that come inside our computers or smartphones|we tend to think of certain companies as well. AMD and Intel in the field of computers|for example|as well as MediaTek and Qualcomm in the field of mobile chips. MediaTek chips are produced in one of the most advanced manufacturing processes by another Taiwanese company called Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Many people may be thinking|is Qualcomm losing to MediaTek? Why do user prefer Media Tek over Qualcomm?

In the first quarter of 2021|MediaTek ranked first with a market share of 35%|an increase of 11% year-on-year|while Qualcomm ranked second with 29%. In the second quarter of 2021|MediaTek continued to rank first with a market share of 43%|while Qualcomm ranked second at 24%. Although it still ranked second|it has become farther and farther away from MediaTek.

Under the relevant restrictions|some people are happy and some are worried. Especially for the Chinese market|Qualcomm’s market share has gradually declined after being restricted from cooperation. Previously|as the only partner of domestic mobile phones|it has gradually stopped supplying Huawei’s chip supply. Having lost their international reputation|domestic mobile phone manufacturers also understood that they cannot put « eggs in one basket! » and began to seek chip suppliers other than Qualcomm.


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  1. But America is still the leading terrorist.

  2. Keep advancing CHINA technologically & economically. Don't mind the west provoking trouble.

  3. I'm confused I thought Mediatek is Taiwanese? I know Taiwan is part of China, is that why the title says "China surpass America"?

  4. It's a very good idea if people get to setup some stuffs aside for themselves that could be bringing them money apart from there businesses

  5. US and US lapdogs Endia and Japan are kAPUT, dEVASTATED, fINISHED.
    From : Singapore 🇸🇬

  6. US tech sanctions against China actually hurt US more than China.

  7. Jai Hinduja. Mediatek is ROC company

  8. That's awesome 👌 wonderful job China 🇨🇳 good things happen to those who do good things and China deserves good things.

  9. Wow! Sure is good news that ll break the US heart, and turn the India one green


  11. MediaTek is not a foundry but only a chip designer like HiSilicon (Huawei's Kirin series) and Qualcom (SnapDragon series).
    It is based in Taiwan whose chips are made OEM by TSMC, another Taiwan company.
    The USA government can still knock out MediaTek's business the same way it knock out Huawei HiSilicon by using its so called "security risk" excuse.
    This will promote Qualcom, a USA based company's products.
    China should watch out for this dirty trick!

  12. After the Evil Bullying methods adopted by the Americans and its Vassals States against HUAWEI Smartphone and other Chinese Technologies Company. It is right to buy only Chinese products and encourage them to use the financial gains in Research and Development of new products. The west have started this unfair discrimination war against China and they will definitely Reap the demon they set free. Only Chinese products for Chinese Market. 😁💖🇨🇳

  13. There is nothing the west can do to stop the progress of China. The only right thing the west need to do, is to cooperate with Mighty China.

  14. The wumao shouts obscenities during church services. 🤓

  15. Whether it’s chips or semiconductors, US will surely and definitely fail to restrict China. Just look at these facts: China succeeded in exploding her first atomic bomb in 1964 despite all the strict embargoes imposed by the West. China successfully launched her own space station last year despite US’s law which says no Chinese shall be allowed to join NASA’s programs. Until a wise man is elected as the new US president and he befriends China, US would continue to sink by its anti China policy. Pure and simple.

  16. Find a better voice. It’s very annoying. All these so-called Chinese channels use the same annoying voice. Coincident?

  17. super Great achievement 👏 Keep improving. faster n faster 😌 🎯📸✅💯🀄🤓🥰


  19. Mediatek might have more volume (as they cater low end), but they gave less net profits

  20. Trump (as president speaking for the Washington corporate plutocracy) said "we cannot allow anyone to out compete America".
    So much for the neoliberal lie of democracy, fair competion and freedom to trade?
    For Huawei Chinese chip production became a matter of survival not crippling foreign competition monopolise the global markets.

  21. Wishful thinking CCP propaganda. Dream on.

  22. America leadership is all half past six

  23. Seems, Every day, good news for China, every day bad news for USA.

  24. USA still has x86 x64 upperhand

  25. Mediatek can easily overtake any leader & take major market shares if it is smart enough to utilize the huge Chinese scientific research talents.

  26. Is this news or chinese propaganda?….

  27. I still prefer Mediatek nowadays… Qualcomm is just an alternative

  28. All nations share with china technology cooperations and end illegal united state sanctions

  29. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Great Golden China – Number One Power 1,800 of The Last 2,000 Years , NOW AGAIN NUMBER ONE ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️THE WHOLE WORLD & ASIA ARE PROUD OF YOU GREAT GOLDENS💖💖💖💖💖 IN GREAT CHINA & ALL AROUND THE WORLD ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  30. For sure China is 20 years ahead of America in all aspects, except KILLING TOOLS.

  31. china & the ccp: Proven time & again to the world to be LIARS! CHEATS! BULLIES!
    For china & the ccp's monstrosities around the world, ALL THE LIES: About the Tiananmen Square massacre, the ccp/wuhan virus, Hongkong's persecution, the illegal & comical So. china Sea claims, genocide of Uyghurs, organ harvesting of Falun Gong, atrocities in Tibet, Mongolia & other 'debt trapped' countries…china & the ccp should be punished for all these LIES & ATROCITIES!
    BOYCOTT china & the ccp's 2022 GENOCIDE OLYMPICS!

  32. no wonder Apple phones are selling so well.

  33. best kinds and

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    BELIVE ME Believe me, I love all people and I hope you will enter heaven

    YOU MUST KNOW that there are many people who have returned to God and protected themselves from the Fire and the painful tormen..

  34. Hello! Are you from Mars? MediaTech is a Taiwan based cimpany, NOT a "Chinese" company.

  35. create the future or the future create you
    today world is too small you can own it with today technology
    someone want to own this world if you dont want it its only time

  36. China was trying to work with the world, but China's rise had made USA insane, hence USA sanctioned many companies and individuals, including Huawei. Time for China 🇨🇳 to be self-sufficient through its own initiative…

  37. Where all the anti China trolls🤔🤣

  38. CORRECTION on the VIDEO** – MediaTek is a Fully Taiwanese owned Company and therefore DO NOT share any of their proprietary IP with Mainland China. – China is banned from manufacturing such advanced 7nm chips. So China is just a customer of MediaTek.. This Report is now Corrected. It will take at least 6 years for China to Catch up to MediaTek by itself.

  39. We destroyed all of the Wumao here! ha ha

  40. Not a surprise.. As the west knows only to attack. China does a swift ACT. No one can put a very independent and very unite nation down. One day these attacking nations will knock at chinas door….

  41. More CCP propaganda. Can you guys just stop. We don’t need no stinking communist bs. The Chexit can’t happen fast enough!

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