Biggest Smartphone Surprise of 2022! | Xiaomi 12 Review

Reviewing the Xiaomi 12 smartphone (global edition), which boasts better battery life and a more compact form vs the pricey Pro model. I’ve been testing out the camera tech, doing lots of gaming and using the Xiaomi 12 as my personal phone for over a week now. Here’s my final verdict on one of the best – or at least my favourite – Android blowers of 2022.

That camera tech has been scaled back versus the Pro but you can still expect excellent tracking and HDR performance. Sony’s IMX766 sensor is good enough for the Oppo Find X5 Pro and it’s certainly good enough for the Xiaomi 12, although Oppo’s phone is superior in low light.

This beefcake doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance, so gaming on the likes of Genshin Impact and PubG is a silky experience. Helped considerably by the impressive cooling tech. Meanwhile the Xiaomi 12 boasts the best battery life of this family.

Add in a crisp and punchy AMOLED screen, respectable stereo speaker setup and MiUI 13 UI and wrap it all in a sleek compact frame. That’s this handset in a nutshell. Not perfect by any means, but one of the smartphones I’ve most enjoyed so far in 2022.

Xiaomi 12 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Blah blah
1:04 – Design
3:04 – MiUI 13 & features
4:35 – Display & audio
6:18 – Performance & gaming
7:19 – Battery life
8:10 – Cameras
10:45 – Verdict


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  1. Where do you these anime wallpapers jeez those are awesome. Guys Pls reply me the source webiste for anime wallpapers

  2. Does Xiaomi 12x have google built in? Can someone tell me plz

  3. Language, and what about updates for this phone 9ver next few years?

  4. Xiaomi 12 is the most appropriate upgrade from a s10 or s20 ( standard models )

  5. I had to login to my account to comment this – this guy is so good. Funny, entertaining, direct and not trying hard. Very clever script and fuckin amazing review! Great job

  6. nova launcher does the same thing with google discover. sometime ill have to restart the ad-on. coming from a pixel 6 user lol yes i use nova launcher but i love vanilla android as well.

  7. same size as all the others so will wait fot foldphone like oppo or honor orother ones forget samsung strange form factor

  8. Could someone help me😅?I'm not a tech person at all, I'm just at that point again after about three-four years that I have to get a new phone. It's so overwhelming to pick one. This one sounds really good to me. What I'm looking for in a phone is; a good camera, not too big, good battery life (the 12 version is my max budget) would this one be my best option?

  9. Good channel and it has to be said sarcasm makes it more fun keep it up!

  10. Finally a tech guy that looks as broke as me after covid 19

  11. one punch man… i approve!

  12. Was wondering, how do you all switch daily drivers for reviews so seamlessly? Cause just installing the apps is simple, but who has time for all the customizations in individual apps T.T

  13. I will buy a xiaomi 12x over 12 pro because of the SD gen 1 heating issues.
    SD 870 works better than 8 Gen 1 in terms of better thermal throttling and battery efficiency.

  14. cries watching on Xiaomi 12 Pro

  15. Love to watch your reviews. Very helpful. Thanks… 👍

  16. Please just tell me where do you get those lovely demon slayer wallpapers?

  17. Where to find good wallpaper like that?

  18. Such a great device with its compact size and even comes with a free S1 watch where I live… Then another reviewer said it crashed in games like Genshin and Pubg due to overheating and now I'm back to square 1 trying to find a new phone. :/

  19. I own one. Wouldn't recommend mine. Living in China I've had it for a few months. Love the size. Screen lovely but palm effects on the curved screen are frequent. Performance is fine, camera works well. However it heats up just making phone calls, more so when fast charging (love the speed) and contrary to the video, battery life is piss poor. I'm no power user, charge to max 80% to preserve the battery etc yet I have had to recharge before end of day. MUI is also frustrating as a first time user, and after three months. Never had that with any other ecosystem. Having said that, avoid the 8gen1 and go for the 870, I've a feeling that'd be a sweeter buy.

  20. Hi, (Love your videos 💜)
    Wanted to ask your suggestion on which phone xiaomi 12x or xiaomi 12 should i get.
    Considering the xiaomi 12x because of the better battery life compared to the xiaomi 12. (105 hours vs 82 hours) but it also has an older OS android 11 MIUI 13 compared to the android 12 MIUI 13
    The price difference in my country is only 80 euros (also i don't care that the xiaomi 12x doesn't have wireless charging)

  21. I'm about to pull the plug on ordering this in my country, which with a preorder also gives a free Xiamoi S1 Watch. Can any user here attest to how decent the voice/audio recording and nighttime/dark condition the camera is? I go to a lot of music events where these things matter to me a lot. 🙂

    Otherwise, this phone looks poised to replace my LG G7.

  22. How many hrs of SOT did you get on 5G?

  23. Nice wallpapers , send wallpapers link ??

  24. floating device lol made my day 🤣

  25. You still have baths? 😂

  26. Bro, Danpa onna Anime Wallpaper download link please reply!

  27. The 12 series was made to compete with the iPhone 13 and Samsung S22 series. I have my doubts.

  28. Have to say that my purchase of Xiaomi 11T for 299€ was kind a deal.

  29. Could you do a xiaomi 12 vs Samsung 5g vid

  30. Realme gt 2 pro / xiaomi 12/pro or oneplus 10 pro ?

  31. Hahaha oh my god, 2:30 absolutely killed me, "I hate you"
    Excellent as usual, thanks for covering this, I had my eye on this one as a lover of compact phones and I'm glad to see it's a solid choice!

  32. Do you get regular software updates to fix bugs with miui?

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