Best Stock Android Smartphones (2022)

Reviewing the best Android smartphones in 2022 with that stock Google UI, no added launcher shenanigans. Including the Pixel 6 flagship phones and budget-friendly 4a (or 5a in America), Nokia 8.3, 5.4 and XR20, and Motorola’s Moto RAZR 5G and Edge 20 Lite/Pro. These are my favourite stock Android mobiles right now to suit any budget, check out my unboxings and full reviews here on Tech Spurt.

First up, Google’s own Pixel 6 Pro and original flagship are among the greatest camera smartphones. You’ve got a water resistant design, wireless charging, a crisp OLED screen and that Tensor chipset. Although no headphone jack or expandable storage. For less cash, there’s always the Pixel 4a or Pixel 5a, which are more compact and boast the same stock Android support and timely updates.

The Nokia 8.3 5G is one of the best alternatives, offering solid specs and a very good camera for around £300 in 2022. Or on a tight budget there’s always the Nokia 5.4, while the super-durable Nokia XR20 boasts that same stock Android design.

As for Motorola, check out the RAZR 5G if you’ve got stacks of cash. A solid bendy mobile, although the battery life isn’t great. Much cheaper is the Moto G31 which will suit most users just fine, while those Moto Edge 20 series handsets sport gorgeous OLED screens and specs to suit a range of budgets.

Check out my video on the greatest upcoming smartphones for more on the greatest blowers hitting the UK this year.

Best Stock Android Phones 2022 Chapters:
0:00 – Get on with it
0:42 – Google Pixel 4a
2:03 – Pixel 6 and 6 Pro
3:16 – Nokia 8.3 5G
5:02 – Nokia 5.4
6:26 – Nokia XR20
7:54 – Motorola RAZR 5G
9:08 – Motorola Moto Edge 20 Series
10:39 – Moto G200 5G
11:41 – Moto G31
13:20 – Round-up


37 Commentaires
  1. Yes this was a much needed video. Good work👍🏼

  2. Nice video mr. Spurt! Still rocking the Moto Edge from 2020. Crazy macro-pics, strong battery and up to date security-patches (A11 and both security patches from Motorola and Google on dec 2021). Still worth considering in 2022!

  3. im searching for a new phone and the Pixel phones really got my attention, but should i wait for a cheaper 6a later this year or should i get an older Pixel phone if im not too concerned about the camera quality? i want a fast phone to work mainly and stock android sounds amaizing, i come from Xiami Redmi and absolutly hated de MIU shit apps XD

  4. From
    Experience I couldn’t recommend pixel 6 range at the mo due to to many bugs! Motto I’d go for. But only the latest with the sd8 gen 1 chip.

  5. hi Chris… where may i buy/download your books?

  6. Nice video but where is the pixel 5A

  7. I'm here coz the so-called basic skin on Realme just make me miss my corona test result call. There's numerous issues besides, like switching off the 3 tap magnification on own accord, switching on the handy (NOT) fast menus on its own, not accepting a non brand screen Protector (think you're Apple, Real me ?)

    And So On.

    Not even start to think about Xiaomi Labyrinth system (Chinese so high headed off their own ways, not learning of decade of criticism of Samsung octopus way of doing software before One UI – the Chinese way – throw the thinking guys in jail 😉

    So, back with Moto, as Google thinks a regular guy wants a 400+ costing second line pixel in his pockets in the busy city streets with plenty thiefs.

    Woah now tell me which one again 😉

  8. I liked your video, especially since I am a fab of stock Android myself. I've been using a Pixel 2 for a while now, and I just got a Moto One Ace 5G! What do you think about those? It's been working for me quite well!

  9. I love Stock Android phones like Pixel 🤣

  10. I'm from the USA, so I just have to know, how did the word "pants" come to define "something awful"?? Someone please help me out, gotta know the meaning behind that. Lol 😆

  11. The buggy pixel 6 pro! Worst jittery laggy phone I've ever used! Sold it for s21

    The tenser chip is just like the exynos 990

  12. I have the Nokia 8.3 5g phone is ok can get abit glitchy and camera is very glitchy can't even use portrait mode camera just freeze's and nothing els

  13. In India, Xiaomi phones are always go for those who need great specs with lot low price. We just unlock it's bootloader and install a custom rom to get the most of the both worlds…
    Yes! Most custom roms are safe, reliable and are more bug-free than stock miui.

  14. He always touch any rare topics to be discussed. Stock Android is one of the best Android.

  15. I got moto g stylus 5g. All crap…
    It's marking, give it a year phones die and we have to buy "new" one in couple months…

  16. Deliberately excluded Sony Xperia 1iii

  17. help : smartphone gaming 190 dollar To 210 dollar plz

  18. I've now had my Motorola Edge 20 Pro for 5 days which after seeing your review was pretty much a no brainer for £9 a month from Vodafone.

  19. No Sony mention? Apart from the odd app I thought it was pretty vanilla?

  20. 4a was so good that it doesn't seem way-out to recommend a phone from 2020

  21. Getting the follow for your music choices 😉

  22. What about Asus Zenfone 8? It's pretty stock Android too.

  23. Motorola flagships have usb 3.2 and ReadyFor desktop mode to make use of that usb 3.2.
    Pixel devices have dinosaur era usb 2.0 or no display out.
    I will always pick the superior Motorola. Love Nokia, but tough luck.

  24. i have been waiting on this for quite a while.

  25. Why did you pick the pixel 4a over the 5?

  26. I like "close to stock" and this is where Sony is the Goat 😛 not price wise unfortunetaly xP

  27. @TechSpurt where you from bud I keep hearing a north east accent?

  28. You look like johny sins . Honestly 😅

  29. So far the best selling smartphone from price drop is the LG V50 thinQ 5g Korean Version

  30. Seems the iPhone is exclusive to the USA, while android is every where else!!

  31. Him: has anime wallpaper
    Me: man of culture

  32. Snap 480 is comparable to 778

  33. Best stockish Android is Oxygen OS from OnePlus. Unfortunately, that might be going away.

  34. Again – Don't By Nokia. I'm looking for a replacement for 7.2, which was just horrible – infuriating software bugs and a notorious habit of the power button dying – finally after 2 years of careful use it just won't turn on.

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