Best Smartphones 2022! – DON'T BUY Before Watching!

Top 19 BEST Smartphones 2022! – This video looks at the top 19 phones to buy now/or wait for in early 2022! Budget, mid-range and premium devices all covered!
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44 Commentaires
  1. ** WHICH company makes the BEST phones? **

  2. I just want the Samsung s21 fe, it's the nearest i can go to buying a flagship. The rest, maybe someday when i work.

  3. Great video thank you so much 😊

  4. Great video. I really wish I can get a luck for giveaways

  5. Great video have you dropt your one+9 pro btoken glas🙃

  6. No Samsung phones in there is a little surprising. Samsung knights will be fuming. 🤣

  7. Not the white phone in the middle, I presume which is cracked.

  8. yor videos are coming in long gap and its not good for me 😩

  9. Being Scottish, I like a bargain, so it's Realme GT 5G, my 3rd Realme phone

  10. Appreciate your enthusiasm but maybe overkill 👈🤔 now I'm in need of a glass of water 😂

  11. You just made TOP Smartphone Reviewer 2022 on my list! Great Review matching my current selection and opinion of current Android Phones….thank you for recognizing the REALME Brand as a top brand to watch out for, giving the Vivo 70 credit and a fab selection for your daily drivers!! It seems you are able to read my mind.
    I am eagerly awaiting your next video! Amen

  12. Send me a phone please 😙

  13. Which one has the best camera.???????

  14. I would like to have my hands on Google 6 pro…

  15. Hey Adam. Great video. Took your advice last year and bagged myself a Xiaomi. Great advice. No complaints. Might upgrade this year and will be listening again.

  16. Apple were not inventor of the smartphone

  17. How did the Z Fold 3 not make this video?

  18. I have been looking for this all day. Thank you very much.

  19. i jist noticed, he looks like THE British verison of jesse McCartney

  20. no s21 ultra, probably bcause s22 ultra is just around the corner. but s21 ultra is still a good choice for 2022 i think

  21. If God wills it I'ma go for a one Plus 7pro from my current phone Poco X3 NFC 6/128 Xiaomi and Poco need work in their software and just to be honest they bring out so much phones they probably don't have time to fix issues or bugs as quick as other Smart phone brands just a saying overall Xiaomi does have good phones just the software side not so quiet well not for everyone some might not experience as others and vice versa ✌🏼

  22. No need to turn on all the 24 screens with pretty colors in the back to make the video look cool and bearable to sell some shitty phones…the peasant face and dull witted jokes are enough to make me skip this…hope won't come across another video from this channel…

  23. I need smartphone because it can help me to study online please help me.. my online exam is soon… please help me sir

  24. OnePlus nord 2 is the best miderange phone 📱 with great Maine camera

  25. Could u please make a video for once featuring your cat.. hehe.

  26. Nice video bro good options I will always love poco f3

  27. Its good to see a reviewer that shows cracks/damage on his phones…Your Pixel 6 Pro and OnePlus 9 Pro have seen brutality 🤣🤣

  28. What apps do you use for wallpapers?

  29. Nice hair do i must say. And a great video ASBYT

  30. Great video mate, you certainly keep me entertained! 😊

  31. poco f3,xiaomi,realme doesnt have full 4g support in usa. its going to be spotty i think most of the only got 5 or 6 4g bands compared to usa version that has 14 to 15 4g band support

  32. Hello, I have a question about smartphones. It's about all the companies that manufacture the smartphones. Why are there no smartphones with medical probes with which one can check the pulse rate, oxygen saturation, cardiogram, blood drum and sugar? It's really easy to integrate the whole thing into a smartphone. I don't understand where the problem is? Nothing new has been released for 8 years. What no sow needs is constantly being renewed. That's absurd. .,m

  33. life was easy when we had limited options on phones lol

  34. I picked up a Google pixel 6 (non pro) last week and am loving it. So far I haven't ran into any issues that plague others and I got it for 110 pounds less than normal price at 490 pounds so yh pretty happy with that. A welcome upgrade from my mate 20 pro.

  35. the macro camera on the Poco F3 has AF, so it's better than most budget phones on paper. In real life, the macro camera is insanely good!

  36. That wallpaper on the 11 pro is 🔥

  37. Hello just watch your video and its a truly learning experience…hope that i will be selected for to be used on online learning of my students that lacks gadgets…

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