Apple's market share gains offset declines in broader smartphone market, says CFRA's Zino

Angelo Zino, CFRA equity analyst, joins ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss what he expects from Alphabet’s quarterly earnings, macroeconomic concerns and Alphabet’s ad business and more. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: 

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23 Commentaires
  1. Karen forgot Kamala.. obviously not a good soul at all

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  4. Bad karma Camel toe has bugs

  5. Apple is losing market share globally, if one looks at the figures.

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  7. Amen hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah throughout Europe and the climate change

  8. Don't buy Google. They are announcing a 70 billion buyback share program and honestly it means the dynamics have changed. I don't really think most analysts know how to value Google right now. Wait until the dust settles….I was just an hour ago warning people to WAIT until earnings call before buying Google and now look at their stock. Just wait guys please. The dust needs to settle

  9. Have a goal, change your routine, get more active, sleep more/less, conquer stress,

    It’s Your Life, So Live It!

  10. The US capitalists can arrange a funeral for the WS. Similar in the civil war, dump WS bodies on the WH lawn for Biden to see how bad he has done for the country, he is turning US capitalists into communist capitalists where the gov dictates the free market.

  11. apple will soar after earnings in 2 days to $199 a share

  12. msft is a strong buy headed to $345 and google is a steal headed to $2890

    Exxon is a strong sell headed to $34 and FCX is a sell headed to $22

  13. the GOOGL talk aged well…..

  14. I’m of <the opinion that those who leave it to market dynamics to determine when to trade or not are either new to the Market or are probably just naïve. The market has seen far worse times than this, enlightened traders are taking advantage of any dip and pumping even more towards trading sessions. My advice to new investors: More emphasis should be put into day trading as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 8 BTC when I started at 1.7 BTC in just few weeks of implementing trades with signals and insights from expert Paul Charlton. For crypto related issues Paul can be reached on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉PAULCHARLTON

  15. Apple thought it could rule the world. It did not count on China producing $30 phones that were just as useful to 90% of the population.

  16. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how.


    gonna get WRECKED today at earnings

  18. When the markets like this, it’s your patience that gets tested more than your trading skills. Most of us get in to crypto for the fast & volatile markets but the ones who can sit on their hands & stick to the plan for months on end are the ones who will make life changing money.

  19. I'm really happy for today . I finally got my profit of $330,000 on my crypto investment after feeling so ecstatic and heavy minded that nothing good can come out of it…a big thanks to Dmitry Goldin . I learned a lot about buying when there is fear in the market . I use to get shaken out and panic sell but now I buy more when I see the low prices..

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