Apple Watch Series 8! Men NOT Compatible. For WOMEN Only!

Apple’s upcoming Series 8 Watch will include their wildest feature ever…and one that only works for those looking to conceive a baby. Yes, this is real. For everyone else, there’s watchOS 9 with low power mode!

0:00 Intro
0:21 Apple self service repair
2:15 Apple Watch Series 8
6:41 watchOS 9 rumors

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19 Commentaires
  1. are they legally allowed to tell you if you are running a fever? i know the us has weird rules about health data

  2. Sam’s humor is unmatched.

  3. Just by the title: SEXIST lmao

  4. I’m just asking for more battery life, please!

  5. You are amazing Sam-Your quality content is unbeatable!.Thanks so much Sam!.I appreciate your content and efforts!.Keep up your awesome content!.🔥🙂!.So many videos recently-Thanks for giving us such extraordinary entertainment every day🙂!.

  6. Did the Apple Watch just assume my gender?

  7. Portland, JAMAICA in The Building !!!!!!!!!

  8. The Apple Watch series eight that doesn’t give me a thermometer reading is 🐬ed up.

  9. I’m all for LGBT but I do have a feeling that there would be some insane trans people who would be offended that they are women but can’t use this feature. I’m also wondering how they are going to market that feature without saying the word “women” because it could be offensive to them. Just a thought like is there a word for people who ovulate?

  10. What In the clickbait title is this😂😂

  11. Woah woah Sam, women have been very represented in a lot of things for example the CEO of YouTube is a women, high paying jobs that interact with people like teachers, office workers and doctors, where they have been under represented is……………………………….🤔

  12. Keep it up, love your content

  13. I’m guessing it doesn’t read true body temps, but can get a baseline and read fluctuations.

  14. I don’t believe these Series 8 leaks. Why is it so hard for Apple to develop temperature and blood pressure on their watches considering Samsung and others have had these sensors for years? Apple is falling behind and must offer at least 2 new health features to remain relevant in the smartwatch industry. Samsung is tempting me to switch from Apple Watch. Series 8 better come with it!

  15. Wow it was that long ago when they announced self repair?!?! I thought it was at least in 2022?!?!?!

  16. I watch all your updates and enjoy them, except the video filter gags. The bloated face and voice thing is funny a couple of times, not every time. Your writing is strong enough without the gags. Love and peace.

  17. Or they can make it to where you have an option to choose if you're a male or female soo that males can just get their temperature and women can get both temperature and fertility cycle.

  18. For Apple Watch I just want actual customizable or third party watch faces… It'd be super cool if they had a Mac App or iPhone App where you could design watch faces too.

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