6 Months Without a Smartphone & How I Switched to a Flip Phone

I switched to a flip phone 6 months ago and I’m not turning back! I share how I have adapted to not having a smart phone, and why my life has been better since I’ve eliminated my Samsung phone for a Nokia 2720 flip phone. I took on this challenge in July 2021, and to this day I am still using my flip phone, with no withdrawals. It’s worth noting that I am a student, so I do not need a smart phone for my job (we will find out what happens once I graduate). Of course you will realise that most of the tools I used on my phone, I simply use on my laptop now – but this has prevented access to things when I am out and about e.g. hiking, meeting friends or going on holiday. So I feel the benefit of this more when I am not at home.

Have you ever considered ditching your smart phone?

I’ll probably make some follow-up videos about this – I could even do a Q&A about life with a flip phone if you are interested or have loads of questions.

#flipphone #nosmartphone
Music by Gil Wanders – Lost / Found – https://thmatc.co/?l=7EECE563


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  1. I was recently thinking of switching to a flip phone! This has been very convincing 🙂

  2. Great, but i wonder, how do u manage to make it work with 4g 5g? Thank you!!

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