35 Hidden Smartphone Tricks.

35 of my favourite Tricks / Tips / Secrets / Life Hacks for Android and iOS iPhones in 2022 and beyond – Send this video to someone who doesn’t know their phone well enough!

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25 Commentaires
  1. I tried really hard to make this the best Smartphone Tricks video on the internet – if you found it useful then send it to someone who doesn't know their phone well enough!
    To find out if TikTok Life Hacks are a scam: https://youtu.be/iDdN5cOFB1g
    To see if a 2022 Midrange smartphone can beat 2020 Flagship: https://youtu.be/XzKbTtFhJ8M

  2. bro i am so happy for your succes i have been here since you were on 10k subscribers and i had alot accounts subscribed in the mrwhosetheboss yt tq for giving me a brighter day when fasting

  3. Omg the keyboard thing works I’m so suprised especially on iPhone

  4. how to do the 3,2 trick?
    can anyone help plz

  5. hello are you able to do video on desk gadget accessories for phones?

  6. That airplane mode thing is going to save me so much time

  7. 9:53, I did not know Arun played BTDB2

  8. Thanks for the great tips. Been an android power user for many years but there were still some very useful tips there. Keep up the amazing work and thanks again.

  9. around it. That lets you walk around with a portable lamp which you can set down wherever, without worrying about positioning your phone. Works great when camping too!

  10. Arun, don't you talk about Huawei's anymore?

  11. Wllah 7ta m9awed 3araftek tatdir had lb3ab3 nadi bzzaf

  12. I don’t have a smartphone

  13. I just learned the timer one a few days before this video came out

  14. Thank you very for these tips. đŸ™đŸœ

  15. Some or more dont work on some samsung phones

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