[1440] Pocket EMP vs. Smartphone Timer Lockbox



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  1. Just don't use that Pocket EMP on board the Nebuchadnezzar .. eek!! Neo might get angry!

  2. That is truely a unique gadet you got there. Im sure Q is dusting off his resume after watching this vid.

  3. DIY EMP or just force it open with a fork… either way I'm getting my phone back, mom!

  4. EMP That Bill Nye and I made

  5. EMP tutorial when? xD

    (seriously tho. i wanna build it)

  6. Great video's, i like it very much.
    How about treasure chest?
    I found a very old one, in a Konvent in Austria.

  7. Portable pacemaker stopper LOL

  8. I want an electromagnetic pulsamabobber!

  9. it's a tazer for circuits

  10. I think any time lock videos be good if the was a time lapse with the time showing it works like that then do the few seconds reset

  11. You may be cool, but you'll never be
    "This can be easily done with this pocket EMP i built with less than ten dollars worth of parts" cool.

  12. A megaton nuke will do it also…

  13. You didn't show us that the old cell phone still worked after the EMP.

  14. I'm curious if the cell phone still works after being that close to a small emp.

  15. I can resist a smartphone all day. It's my gaming setup I have trouble avoiding 😭

  16. This is not a pocket EMP. This is the internet. It is black and has a red light on it. Get up to speed, @LPL

  17. Does that disturb your phone at all or does the phone have better shielding?

  18. I'm sure the stonks of keeping box just dropped

  19. Sooooo, when u gonna teach us how to make a $10 emp?!!!

  20. Hmmm. That EMP generator sounds suspiciously like a tazer in a box with a coil attached to it

  21. Did your EMP wreck the phone?

  22. I have a feeling that the “Pocket EMP Generator that I put together with less than $10 worth of parts” is gonna be a mainstay like the pick Bosnian Bill and him made

  23. Did he just say he made a EMP for $10? Man is a god i swear.

  24. Super interested in how to make that EMP!!!! Please teach us!!!!

  25. I have a question: How did you make an EMP generator for $10?

  26. Never trust people carrying portable EMP devices.

  27. Next LPL will build a time machine to go back to when a lock was not locked.

  28. Most advanced microcontrollers have built-in non-volatile memory, and while you only get ~100,000 saves it still better than resetting to zero. In an emergency though you're destroying the item.

  29. To add onto the lesson: also don’t fuck around with it if someone has a pacemaker

  30. My sister uses something like this to reduce her screen time. But after a minor incident (she has 1yo and 3yo kids) she bought a flip phone with a $10/month pay as you go plan so she has a phone she can call 911 or something while her phone is locked up in a stupid box.

  31. Can someone explain how a pocket EMP works but doesn’t destroy electronics? I always thought an EMP was a permanent thing, specifically hearing about them through nuclear bombs. Does it just have to do with the power of the EMP?

  32. If I was designing that counter, I'd just store the time configured in an EEPROM. If it's attacked with that EMP generator, tough luck; time resets.
    Ofc, then time is up, the EEPROM would get the reset to 0.

  33. LPL literally has the Hacker device from Black ops 1 Moon…

  34. something tells me that by FCC regulations, the lockbox being an electronic device, must be able to accept any kind of interference… (which probably includes interference from an EMP device) to be sold in the USA… so basically by FCC regulations they (the companies selling such devices) can't shield the electronics… admittedly my understanding of this could be very remedial, BUT i would gamble it's somewhere along those lines…

  35. So how damaging is that emp to equipment (phone)?

  36. Do a tutorial on making your handheld emp ☑️ box and pats list,locator for all parts,specs, instructions for use,testing,and build.Thank you very much…………

  37. I'm wondering if the EMP would interfere or damage the phone inside? Wouldn't that too have problems with the EMP?

  38. Normally, a neutron bomb is used.

  39. …..overcharges the circuit and as you can see it pops right open. Oh.. phone's dead!

  40. The add after this vid was for a 'UK' 4K lock, they might want to check thier audience first 🙂also is LPL Familiar with these locks & can he test one?


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